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Connor loves helping companies and individuals alike to better find ways to plug into Gen Z. Whatever your need, Connor is excited to chat!


If you’re looking for support for Connors Influence Academy, or his consulting/speaking engagements please email We know what it is like to send an email and expect a swift reply, so that’s why we try to get back to everyone as soon as we possibly can!


All media outlets please reach out to with as much detail as you can provide and well get back to you ASAP!

Every week I have a ton of up and coming podcasts/blogs reach out to have me on, if you’re one of those, please ALSO reach out.. I know what it is like to be grinding and just starting out- I would love to help you on your journey as well if I can be of help..



If you’re interested in engaging with me to do social media content or sponsor a video. Please reach out to


Im gonna be honest with you, holy CRAP do I love speaking. I really do give it my everything, and I promise I show up on time! However, I do value my time at a premium because I get so many requests to come and speak. But don’t let that stop you from reaching out, I could be in your city at the time of the event and make it happen.. You never know!

Please reach out to with any speaking opps!


Being able to help brands and agencies crack the Gen Z code is seriously my favorite thing to do.

Please reach out to me at


Buy my. book when it comes out, or refer someone to join my influence academy who might be a fit 🙂

Oh, and follow me on Instagram, @theconnorblakley


Just Join The Influence Academy, over the next year I will be pouring my heart and soul into providing as much value as I possibly can to this group.


If nothing above references what you’re looking to chat about, email me at 🙂