10 Things I learned in 16 Years
A post by Connor Blakley

In the 16 years I have been alive I can say each day I wake up more and more excited with a clear sense of what life means to me, but more so a hunger to be a better man than I was the day before.

Nothing truly amazing comes easy, I am ready for the many roadblocks I am to encounter over the next phases of my life. However, I am very blessed and grateful to have amazing people in my life to learn from and go to when I need help.


Make your own box

Most people feel societal pressures to fit into this ¨box¨ that represents what everyone expects you to be like. What those people need to remember is conformity is the enemy of growth. Some people were born to break the existing boxes and create new ones. Become self-aware enough to be able to not care what other people think.


The Little Things

No man is a failure who is enjoying life. I feel as though as much as achieving something greater is a focus and driving force we overlook the little things that matter.


Get Gracious

There is a very fine line between loving what you do and being greedy for it.


Find Your Why

If you don’t know why you do what you do, you will never be able to be exceptional at your craft. Find your driving force, pour gas on the fire, and let it propel you towards success.


Practice Simplicity

Life is shockingly simple, however in our daily lives we make it complex through minute decisions. Not only limit choices throughout your day, make them easy to make.


Live With Constant Momentum

I truly believe I do not get happy or sad. I am either content or frustrated. This is solely predicated on if I am moving forward with what I want to do or not. Strip things in your life that inhibit you from moving forward.


Be a Stunt Man, Not a Front Man.

When you mess up, don’t be ignorant. People will respect the fact you willingly took a risk or that you admitted your mistake. Be your true authentic self while continuing to adventure and take risks.


Trust Love Every Time

Love in every facet of your life. If you love life, life will love you back. Trust in the long term plan and don’t focus not the short term consequences.


Karma Is a Real Thing

Nobody can BS the universe. Treat people well, have good intentions, and show respect, Battle with the person you were yesterday to get %1 better.


Age is NOT just a number

Often times I feel like adults close their ears when a child’s mouth opens. Some of the things I heard them say over the weekend were truly amazing. The innocence and simplicity of their view on the world are super refreshing.

I am always told to spend time with elders and learn from their experience (I regularly do). I really think everyone should sit down with someone super young and talk with them, their insight will surprise you. If I learned anything this weekend it was that kids are ALWAYS watching and listening.