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Fun, dynamic, and deeply insightful. Connor has a gift for breathing life into the marketing world through his impactful and refreshing keynotes. Get the scoop on what he does best.



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Connor Blakley is regarded as the top Generation Z speaker in the world. He often speaks at companies and conferences on trends and issues that affect the marketing landscape.

"Connor Blakley is the man to hit a walk-off grandslam in the 9th inning of the 7th game of the World Series."

Harvey Mackay -author of the New York Times #1 bestseller “Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”

"Connor Blakley is the voice of Generation Z, I love to tap into his expertise because it is a forecast of the future."

Jay Abraham

"Connor Blakley not only stays one step ahead of the curve, but understands the influence of trends on consumer behavior. He understands the power of Gen Z, and how major brands need to be paying attention to this generation of innovators or disruptors before they go extinct!"

Daymond John

"Connor Blakley reveals solid techniques and methodology when it comes to living in a Gen Z-driven economy."

Marcelo Claure, CEO Of Sprint

"When anyone asks me about GenZ marketing or how to reach this demographic I immediately think of Connor Blakley. Connor is a no nonsense, direct and factual based consultant and speaker. What I really admire about Connor is that he brings a unique set of abilities, an effective style, and an excellent base of actual experience to his speaking, consulting, coaching and his presentations. The bottom line is, Connor can help companies understand and work more effectively with the GenZ market. It's been an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to mentor and work with Connor and to see how quick he has learned and educated himself. It's been amazing to watch him evolve as a fantastic young entrepreneur and connected influencer and I'm quite certain he will continue to do massive things"

Adam Toren

"Connor Blakley is a branding expert like we've never seen before, If you want to create a customer culture of support and loyalty, Connor will get you there."

Cameron Herold

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